August 31, 2023 –Southern University at Shreveport’s (SUSLA) Milam Street Kitchen Incubator and Community Kitchen (MS KICK), in collaboration with Job Corp Culinary Arts Department develop a MOU agreement for their Culinary Arts students to obtain Workforce Training Learning hours to assist in
obtaining their Culinary Arts Certificate. This collaboration began as a friendly networking conversation and developed over time to afford the students with the best opportunities to provide them with additional Culinary Arts Skills learned at MS KICK and help them obtain their Culinary Art’s Certificate
from Job Corp.

Their Workforce Training Learning hours have been earned through assisting Chef Mosa of Sassi Catering with hospitality at the “Pink Goes Red”, hosted by Sigma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Event where they assisted with set up of the food, serving the guests in a buffet style, and cleaning after the event was over. Several of the students earned hours by working with MS KICK’s Kids Kooking in the Kitchen where they assisted the Lead Chef Instructors with the cooking demonstrations and also provided hands-on training to the kids participating in the camp. Some of the Chefs these students were able to work with were Chef Joslin of Vegans on the Run, Chef Chris of So Goody Good, Chef Nate of Big Nates BBQ, Chef Chris Hayes of The Smoking Oyster, Chef Mosa of Sassi Catering, Chef Ben of What’s for Dinner, and Chef Mark of Remarkable Food. They were able to learn new skills such as professional plating, from scratch recipe techniques, and how to teach these skills to those with little to no culinary experience. Additionally, students have been hired part-time or contracted to work with the
Tenants of MS KICK.

“I am so grateful that my kids were able to participate and work under so many amazing Chefs and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience!”, stated Chef Chaye, Culinary Arts Instructor at Job Corp. Many of the kids who entered into the Culinary Arts program had no experience in the kitchen and have made strides to learn these skills and apply these skills learned into practical application. We hope to continue this trend and serve these students and provide an invaluable experience that will assist them to become the best Culinary Artist they can be!

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