July 19, 2023 –Southern University at Shreveport’s (SUSLA) Milam Street Kitchen Incubator and
Community Kitchen (MS KICK) hosted the Caddo District Attorney’s Leadership Academy for a Lunch and
Learn about the Culinary world and what MS KICK offers to the Community. Caddo Parish District Attorney Children’s Leadership Camp is the first of its kind in Caddo Parish. Their mission is to encourage
children to dream and be all they can be. They understand that the judicial system can be intimidating,
and most people only see one side of the system, the side where someone has to be defended. This
camp is showing the children the positive images, and letting them know they can too achieve and
become the doctor, the lawyer, and even the judge. “We want our children to know they are the captain of their own destiny!” says Britney Green, Assistant District Attorney and Section Chief of the Special Victims Unit.

The Camp is the vision of Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart. “My desire is to inspire young people in our community to continue to make good decisions,” says DA Stewart. With the mantra, “I attract what I expect…Reflect what I desire… Become what I respect and mirror what I admire,” we’re taking the helm and charting our own destiny for a better Caddo Parish.

The kids were taught the importance of Food Safety as it concerns cleaning and sanitation, proper food storage, hand washing, and proper attire to wear while cooking in the kitchen from Chef Mosa of Sassi
Catering. Chef Chris of So Goody Good spoke about how his journey began during the Pandemic hosting cooking demonstrations on Facebook Live and from there he has become one of the most successful Tenants at MS KICK by taking a chance on a new career. Chef Chris Hayes spoke about his humble beginnings of cooking and selling hamburgers from his dorm room at Grambling State University to now being one of the top Celebrity Chefs with locations in New Orleans, Shreveport, Atlanta and soon to be Dallas. The kids enjoyed a healthy lunch of Turkey and Spinach Lasagna, Sauteed Green Beans, Garden Salad, and Rolls.

MS KICK is located at 1210 Milam Street in Shreveport, Louisiana. To see our Calendar of Events held at
MS KICK and more information about our programming please visit www.mskick.org. To set up a tour or
consultation, host a Food Cooking Demo, or have a Camp at MS KICK please contact Interim Executive
Director, Monique Armand at 318-670-9780 or email mskick@susla.edu.