June 24, 2022- The second annual “Kids Kooking in the Kitchen” took a cultural journey beginning with
Chef Niematulei Longstratt of RNL Cookery Corner. Chef Niema gave an overview of her West African
culture and how her Sierra Leonian taste buds translate into healthy and fresh meals. Before stepping into
the kitchen, Niema presented each student with a gift bag with cultural seasonings and a blank recipe
book to inspire their own individual creativity with cooking that would last far outside of the class.

Once in the kitchen, Chef Niema provided one-on-one vegetable cleaning, prepping, and cooking
techniques with a heavy emphasis on kitchen and food safety skills. She also explained that perfection in
the kitchen comes through practice and that her dish is only as good as the next dish she prepares,
which is also her motto. After the preparation of the meal, the students fellowshipped and dined while
enjoying the sounds of West African music from her home country.

These cooking classes are one of many that exposes school-aged children to healthier eating and kid
friendly ways to prepare these meals.

For more information about upcoming kids cooking classes, please contact Monique Armand at (318)
670-9780, or email mskick@susla.edu. Visit our website at www.mskick.org to learn more about the MS
KICK program.