JS Clark students who made the President’s list will were rewarded by participating in a hands-on cooking class at MS KICK. In order for a student to be eligible for the President’s list, they must have earned at least a 3.7 GPA with no discipline referrals for the school year. The participating students come from all grade levels, 1st Grade to 5th Grade.

The Principals list is a program conducted by the school district but, Principal Roberts takes it a step further with rewarding them by allowing the students to participate in a real-life experience that they will remember forever. “I chose healthy eating because it is so important to ensure to start early with teaching children to eat healthy and let them know it can be some great tasting food! The students can take what is learned and teach their families to eat healthy as well”, Roberts replied when asked what compelled her to do a healthy cooking class as a reward.

MS KICK kicked off cooking classes for youth with their Summer Camp “Kids Kooking in the Kitchen”. Interim Executive Director, Monique Armand stated, “With the success and enthusiasm that we received from the participating campers from the summer camp, we knew this was a great aspect of our Culinary program that we wanted to continue to offer year-round.” Kids Kooking in the Kitchen summer camp consisted of 4 sessions that featured local Chefs that provided hands on cooking demonstrations with healthy ingredients for tasty meals.


The featured Chef for the “President’s List” healthy cooking demo was Chef Joslin Pickens of Vegans on the Run. The students worked side by side with Chef Joslin and prepared Vegan tacos two ways, Vegans Meat Tacos and Vegans Strawberry Tacos. “Children are the heart trust of our community. It is so important to teach them how to eat to live and Vegan eating can be enjoyable and not boring!”, responded Chef Joslin when asked what she expects the students to get out of her Healthy Cooking Demo.