Hands-on cooking class rewarded to J.S. Clark Elementary students

SHREVEPORT, La. – J.S. Clark Elementary School students who made the President’s list were rewarded by participating in a hands-on cooking class at MS Kick Friday morning. 

First thru fifth grade students were eligible for the cooking class if they earned a 3.7 or higher GPA with no discipline referrals for the year.

The featured chef for the “President’s List” healthy cooking demo was Chef Dr. Joslin Mar-Dai Pickens, owner of Vegans on the Run. Chef Pickens had the students to prepare tacos two ways: vegans meat tacos, and vegans strawberry tacos. 


“Some of them say that they’ve never even heard of vegan food, so this is exciting to me,” said Dr. Pickens. “I’m able to bring a new skill or show them a new way to do what they would normally do.”


“I think the healthy food choices is something that they need to learn about,” said Dr. Kenya Roberts, principal of J.S. Clark Elementary School. “I thought it would be great for them to come here to MS Kick and learn all about healthy eating and healthy cooking.” 

MS KICK kicked off cooking classes for youth with their Summer Camp “Kids Kooking in the Kitchen”. Kids Kooking in the Kitchen summer camp consists of four sessions that feature local chefs that provided hands on cooking demonstrations with healthy ingredients for tasty meals.

MS Kick is located at 1210 Milam Street outside of Downtown Shreveport.  For more information, click here or call 318-670-9780.

This article originally ran on ktbs.com.