“MS-KICK is a hybrid that connects entrepreneurship, culinary workforce training, and economic opportunity to the Allendale/Ledbetter Heights/West Edge Neighborhoods.”

Technical Assistance

Our partners will provide one-on-one technical support to help participants start or expand their business. This includes advice on marketing, online sales, accessing investment capital, developing business plans, and common services available through standard business incubators.

Commercial Kitchen

The building will include a commercial grade kitchen for developing food-related products and preparing ready-made foods. Culinary entrepreneurs may access kitchen stations, freezers, coolers, and dry storage. In the long-term, the commercial kitchen may expand to support a “food truck” or market hall” concept, where entrepreneurs can use a pop-up restaurant model in preparation for starting a “brick and mortar” restaruant.

Community Cafe

This is a nationally recognized best practice that brings families and communities together around healthy meals to engage in conversations relevant to the community. The Community Cafe ́ offers tools, resources, contacts, and an opportunity to share thoughts and network with others, building community capacity and social cohesion.

Workforce Development

The Community Kitchen will offer job training services in culinary related fields. Educational and training providers will deliver culinary arts curricula through classroom lecture and hands-on, contextual activities in the kitchen and cafe ́. Participants will learn social and soft skills along with occupational skills training. In addition, case management and job placement assistance will be offered.

Coffee Cafe

The Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport (HACS) will manage a coffee stand within the flexible event space, where target public and assisted housing residents, particularly youth between 16 and 20 years old, will operate the cafe ́ while receiving job training in hard and soft skills (including customer service, management, cashiering, etc.). The housing authority will provide staffing to develop the program and oversee operations.

General Wellness

When fully implemented, the community kitchen will deliver culinary medicine classes to healthcare professionals and students through workshops and elective academic courses. Culinary medicine courses teach doctors and health professionals cooking and nutrition basics, which they then pass on to patients. Additional training will teach neighborhood residents healthy cooking techniques, general nutritional education, and tips on healthier eating to improve the wellness of the community.
Connecting entrepreneurship, culinary workforce training, wellness, expanding opportunities and economic prosperity

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Welcome to Shreveport’s first Incubator and Community Kitchen for preferred caterers

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